Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Review: The Dog Catcher by Lloyd Johnson

Cheryl Greene thinks she's found perfection in Plez Jackson; a man she can stand still with, and a great father figure for her son, Lawrence. But she soon learns that what she thought was perfection is HARDLY that! Can she teach this DOG new tricks, or will she leave him where she found him, wagging his proverbial tail?


My Review:
This book surprised me. The cover screamed urban/street lit. Urban/street lit has become from predictable, cliche, and stereotypical. So what a refreshing surprise to read a story that is not bogged down in descriptions of designers clothing and other materialistic things. The Dog Catcher is a book that is about the story and the characters in it. The story is one that is relate-able to many.

Domestic violence is a clear theme throughout the book though not the only issue. Cheryl is a character that I can understand. She just find herself in one predicament after another. Which is easy to do when you are only looking at the needs of now without thinking about the consequences of tomorrow. Her meeting Plez is just a continuation of the broken cycle of her life.

This is a steady pace book for me. It wasn't a slow read but it definitively wasn't a fast read either. I liked the story and appreciated that it was a book that showed a complexity of black characters that weren't one dimensional and stuck on the superficial. One thing that put me off was the time period of the book. I do not care for books that take place in the past even if it's the recent past. Luckily for me, the time period is not essential to the book or this review would most likely have a different tone. Overall, it is well written and enjoyable.

About the Author:
Lloyd was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although he's been writing since elementary school, it wasn't until he participated in a journalism workshop that he fell in love with writing.
Having traveled extensively, both domestically and abroad, Lloyd has also grown very fond of language; especially different speech patterns and inflections.
An avid reader, Lloyd enjoys book titles from; Sapphire; M.T. Pope; E. Lynn Harris; Terry McMillan; J. Randy Taraborrelli; and Walter Mosley.

Lloyd currently lives in New England.

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