Friday, April 10, 2015

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Have you ever read a book you thought you’d hate but loved? Or vice versa? – Suggested by A Great Read

This is a short one for me as I can't think of a book that has been able to do that. There have been books that I wasn't sure I would like but not a book that I thought that I would hate and ending up loving. In the opposite, Twilight. I thought I would like it but I never got pass the first half of the first book. And yes, I tried again after I saw the movie, which was just okay, and still couldn't do it.


  1. I felt the same way about Twilight. I just couldn’t get into it.

  2. I don't read books I think I'll hate either. That's so strange to me! New Twitter follower :)

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  3. Following you via GFC now! Love the blog design! ;) Even thought nobody is allowed to freely admit it - I loved the Twilight novels back when they came out. I was fairly young back then around 14 or 15 I think. I guess I wouldn't like them now if I reread them.

  4. I have never read Twilight so I have no idea whether I would like it or not! I was never a fan of the movies, though. I fell asleep during one of them… oops. New GFC follower :)

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  5. The Twilight Saga were the books that got me back into reading, so they will always be special to me, but I can also understand why some people don't like them.

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  6. Lol! I loved the Twilight books the first time around, but the second time around... not so much!

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  8. @AJ Sterkel - Edward this, Edward that. I was look damn this chick's crazy.

    @Tracy - I know right. I mean maybe you'll find on you'll like but that's rare I think.

    @Jen The Bookavid - Thanks but I really want to change it. I work with a girl who loved it and she just couldn't understand why I didn't. I tried a reread for her but nah, it didn't work.

    @Novels and Necklaces - LOL. I can watch the movies if nothing else is on but they won't make it to my movie collection.

    @Stina - that's cool. Stephen King got me back to reading.

    @Jennifer Pearl Mancuso - Some books are like that.

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