Monday, November 9, 2015

HO HO HO Readathon Goals

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I love Christmas. I love the lights and the trees. The bows and the ornaments. Hell, even the snow. Just for that day though. And of course the music. It really is 'the most wonderful time of the year'.

I have quite the Christmas book collection. I am not sure what I am going to read for this RAT so I'm just gong to list some books and see which one I actually get to. My goal is 3 titles. The real goal is to get through some of my free reads.

If you would like to sign up click here. Link also send you to the rules and all other info.

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My Goals

Big Girls Do It On Christmas by Jasinda Wilder 14pgs Purchase from Amazon
Christmas with the Alexanders by M. Malone 64 pgs Purchase from Amazon
 Make My Wish Come True by Jade Cooper 23pgs Purchase from Amazon

Mini Challenges
  • Reading Away The Days
    • What is your favorite holiday/ Christmas movie you loved as a child?
      • My Answer - A Christmas Story & How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I watch both every Christmas.
  • Christy's Love of Books
    • Puzzle Challenge
      • Done!
  • Nell's Nightstand
    • Bingo
      • Santa - Kiss Me Santa by Patrice Wilton Purchase on Amazon
      • Presents - Big Girls Do It On Christmas by Jasinda Wilder Purchase on Amazon
      • Christmas - Christmas with the Alexanders M. Malone Purchase on Amazon
      • Ribbon - Make My Wish Come True by Jade Cooper Purchase on Amazon
      • Snowman - The Snowman by Skye Corgan Purchase on Amazon
  • Between My Lines
    • Name that book
      • #s 4 and 7 done
 Her Christmas Bonus by Rain Danvers 29pgs   Purchase on Amazon
No books read:((

 Last Christmas by Lily Greene 114pgs Purchase from Amazon
 What I Want For Christmas by Jo Raven 15pgs Purchase from Amazon
 Snowed Inn by Danielle Lee Zwissler Purchase from Amazon
 Christmas with You by Pamela Ann 44pgs Purchase from Amazon
 Silent Night by Natasha Preston 31pgs Purchase from Amazon
A Very Country Christmas by Zara Stoneley Purchase from Amazon
List item text
Mini Challenges

My HO HO HO Readathon Christmas Playlist consists of songs in the books read above or from their titles.

So how did you do?

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  1. I have A Very Country Christmas sat on my kindle too, hope it's good!
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

  2. Me too. It's short so even if it isn't it would be too much of a waste of time.

  3. I am shooting for five, but hoping for three, also. I am okay with snow until New Years and then after that, ugh. Ha ha. ğŸŽ…

  4. I use to live in MA. While it's snowing it so pretty but then it get slushy and dirty and just nasty looking. Plus it ices over. And I always lived in an apartment that nly had on street parking. So you had to battle for spots. Snow turns into a big pain in the ass.

  5. HI, You have some nice looking reads there!! This is my first readathon, and am very happy to join. Happy Reading!!

  6. Thanks. Here's to good reads on your first readathon!