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Bun in the Oven -WRI Reviews: The Best Man's Baby by Tasha Blue

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The Best Man's Baby by Tasha Blue
Pages: 143
Publisher: Author Self Publish
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Format: mobi (Kindle app)
Rating: ☆☆

It was meant to be one hot steamy night but it became much, much more...

Carla has focused all her adult life on her career rather then relationships and it is not something she usually regrets. However, now she is maid of honor at her best friends wedding and she is beginning to wonder when her future husband will ever arrive.

At the reception, while everyone is full of joy, Carla is feeling more lonely then ever. She is surprised to discover that the incredibly dashing best man Daniel is still single himself. And lonely too.

One drink turns into more then a few and the sexual tension between the two of them reaches its peak once they hit the hotel bedroom.

It was supposed to be a one night stand but 2 months later and Carla finds out she is pregnant and now she has some huge decisions to make. Daniel might have been the best man at the wedding but is he the best man for her baby? 


My Review
This was an okay quick read. A cute romance with the typical characters. There aren't going to be any surprises in the read. This is a book for romance lovers who want to read something familiar.

Daniel is basically in denial. He kinda wants to settle down but not really. He wants easy. Someone who is just like him so he doesn't have to feel bad about working as much as he does. The thing is he makes no emotional connection to women who are like him. Carla is a baker who has all but given up on love. Her parents divorce when she was young. She has had relationships that ended in break ups. The one thing that she can count on is her baking. The two meet at a wedding. Not being able to ignore their obvious physical attraction they have one hot and heavy night together. But one night isn't what fate has in mind.

That's pretty much the story. I leave the middle end and ending for you to discover. I wasn't invested in either character. I didn't hate them nor love them. Carla was actually quite annoying. She was meant to be portrayed as a bit innocent, sweet, and selfless. She read to me as a woman willing to be a doormat not to Daniel but when faced with confrontation. I mean who in their right mind has their livelihood attacked and wants to take it easy of the attacker? Please, that not selfless it a person with not survival skills.

This is not exactly insta-love. Things move fast but not so fast to make it unbelievable. That is until the middle end. This pick up even more and by the end everything is tied up in a nice and neat little bow. I expected an happy ending but the way it was done was definitely rushed. Like the author met her word count so it was time to end the book as fast as possible. ijs

So there you have it. If you are looking for a predictable quick romance novel this is the read for you. Until next time...Happy Reading!

About the Author
Unknown. I could not find any information about this author. I find that weird and honestly, off putting.

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