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Blog Tour: You're Still The One by Robin Harris

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You're Still The One by Robin Harris
Source: Inkslinger PR
Format: ePub
Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆

Love is one dare neither of them can take...

Arabella Stone, Nashville's darling, is eager to shuck her prim-and-proper rep, and a few wild months spent checking items off her " summer bucket list" is the way to do it. First up: kiss the man she's crushed on since she wore a training bra, the bad boy of country himself, Blue bassist Charlie Tucker.

For Charlie, a beautiful woman flirting with him isn't out of the norm--but a beautiful woman bolting after the hottest kiss of his life sure is. And when he finds out his kiss-and-run Cinderella is none other than Arabella Stone, daughter of his label's CEO, he knows he's in trouble. Because not only is she a Stone, she's also his employee for the next few months at the recording studio he just bought.

Over the course of one thrilling summer, Arabella and Charlie chip away at her bucket list and fight the simmering attraction between them...knowing that once it's all over, so is their time together.

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My Review
A cute romance. It flows a familiar storyline of girl sees the best in the bad boy. Bad boy is actually an undercover good guy. Still it is a good quick read. I like Arabella. Even though she was hard on herself she is actually a pretty strong willed person. Charlie is sexy but his whole I'm no good thing was a turn off. I didn't want to rescue him. I didn't want to stand by him. I wanted to smack him and say 'get the hell over yourself'. His storyline bordered on a pity party. The moments the characters share together were great. At the end, you're relieved it goes the way you wanted.

Chapter Four - "The air held a certain energy.' Umm no offense to those from New Orleans but I've been there in the middle of summer and it drained energy. The air us so thick with humidity and mugginess it can make an asthmatic fall out n seizures. okay not seizures but you'll damn sho' want some a/c.

About the Author
New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Vibrant settings, witty banter, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing.

An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!

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