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Challenge Corner: Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

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Challenge Corner is a group on Goodreads

For the month of February it is hosting a Valentine theme challenge. The details are below.

The Valentine's Day scavenger hunt!
For the month of February, our solo challenge is to find all one hundred words relating to Valentine's Day throughout the month in the books you read. We hope you have fun reading and searching for the words and that it brings the Valentine's spirit to you.
1. Books must be read and reviewed (or with five status updates) between February 1 and February 29.
2. No graphic novels/manga/comics allowed.
3. Books must be over 100 pages to count.
4. Novellas are not allowed.
5. Rereads are allowed.
6. Only five words can be found per book.
1. One point per book read and reviewed under 400 pages
2. Two points for books read and reviewed that are over 400 pages.
3. One point per word found in a book.
4. Five points per every 25 words found.

1. Heart
2. Love
3. Joy
4. Happiness
5. Alone
6. Single
7. Couple
8. Rose/roses
9. Proposal
10. Chocolate
11. Ring
12. Date
13. Card
14. Gifts
15. Presents
16. Flowers
17. Kiss
18. Hugs
19. Candles
20. Romance
21. February
22. stuffed animals
23. Candy
24. Married
25. Engaged
26. In love
27. Dinner
28. Bears
29. Valentine's Day
30. Passion
31. Cupid
32. Jewelry
33. Winter
34. Fourteen
35. Bow and arrow
36. Boyfriend
37. Secret admirers
38. Sweetheart
39. Girlfriend
40. Pink
41. Poem
42. Lovebirds
43. Forever
44. Always
45. Moonstruck
46. Red
47. Lace
48. Letter
49. Rainbow
50. Perfume
51. Picture
52. Restaurant
53. Celebrate
54. Anniversary
55. Gesture
56. Flirt
57. Crush
58. Serenade
59. Bouquet
60. Husband
61. Friends
62. Wife
63. Fiancé
64. Lovesick
65. Fancy
66. Balloons
67. Candlelit
68. Giftcard
69. Surprise
70. Snow
71. Cold
72. Ice
73. Misery
74. Ending
75. Games
76. Pretender
77. Cheating
78. Brokenhearted
79. Tears
80. Shy
81. Sadness
82. Cake
83. Dance
84. Formal
85. Evening
86. Sunset
87. Sunrise
88. Bubbly
89. Vacation
90. Shooting Star
91. First love
92. Wish
93. Hope
94. Break-up
95. Wonderland
96. Comfort
97. Crying/cry
98. Laugh/laughing
99. Warm fire
100. Frozen

Review: link to review
Word(s): List the words found within the book, please include the sentence that includes the word.
Pages: list the number of pages

Review Link: upcoming 2/22
pages: 254
#20 - Romance
I Heck, it was better than romance.
#1 - Heart
Songwriting wasn't for the faint of heart.
#2 - Love
In the shower, out driving, while making love-times when it wasn't exactly kosher to stop and jot things down.
#44 - Always
In the end, though, they always delivered.
#65 - Fancy
But coming up with the fancy word stuff on his own just wasn't him...which generally worked, since he'd never wanted to be front and center.

Review Link

#8 - Rose & #46 - Red
As the doors of the elevator open, I see my hubby with a red rose in his hand

#62 - Wife
I'm his wife, so he can't help asking my opinions,  and taking them seriously. 

#5 - Alone
Just when I was beginning to feel that Alyssa couldn't manage without ne, she decided to leave me alone.

#24 - Married
I married Luke, added some interesting fashion - designing projects to my resume,  and best of all, I had Paech.

Review Link: coming 2/23
Pages: 240

#26 - In Love
He isn't merely dating Mia. He's in love with her.

#12 - Date
I wanted my dad to date.

#34 - Fourteen
He chuckles. "Now you are about what--?“  He size me Up. "Fourteen."

#36 - Boyfriend
Suddenly, he was just tired. "I said he was the best boyfriend you'd had dated in a decade."

#78 - Brokenhearted
I'm brokenhearted and you suggest a Marvel marathon?

Review Link
Pages: 327

#79 - Tears
Mayra had tears in her eyes.

#39 - Girlfriend
No wonder he didn't have a girlfriend, not that she had asked.

#27 - Dinner & #53 - Celebrate
Lucas says we should celebrate by go to a movie or dinner or something.

#42 - Lovebirds
I know you lovebirds must have had a nice time, but we were suppose to be home like twenty minutes ago, Jimmy.

Review Link
Pages: 417

#72 - Ice
Chase felt like she'd stepped in a bucket of ice water.

#64 - Lovesick
Even though I've been here from day one, supporting you, keeping your secret. Like one of your lovesick tailers.

#3 - Joy
"No joy," she said and sat on the edge of the bunk.

#98 - Laugh
His low laugh filled the shortwave.

#56 - Flirt
He's a thoughtless flirt, but he's a decent guy underneath, I swear

Review Link

#93 - Hope
Within my grief and fear, one small ember of pride glows,  and it feels like the only heat or hope in this world.

#97 - Crying
"You-" My wavering voice, already strained from crying,  broke.

#11 - Ring
Hold your ring up to the hologram,  okay?

#18 - Hugs
The hugs me tighter so tightly that my feet lift off the ground and he carries me off the dance floor, away from all the lights.

#49 - Rainbow
They let us paint it in a rainbow of colors, just goop it on with our hands, because they loved hearing us laugh and also because no two human beings on earth cared less about how their furniture looked. 

Review Link: coming 2/25
#83 - Dance
"What, don't like to dance?"

#17 - Kiss
He leans in, as if to kiss me again, due doesn't.

#31 - Jewelry
There's no way to know where Serena stays, let alone where she keeps her jewelry.

#74 - Ending
Is that the speech ending,  or did it just begin?

#61 - Friends
Your father was one of our friends, but unfortunately he did not pay his debts.

Review Link
pages 284

#4 - Happiness
Happiness is a strange thing.

#61 - Cold
We feel it like the sun on our faces on a cold winter's day, or the cool summer breeze on the hottest summer night and we hold on to it for dear life.

#7 - Couple
And for the first time ever in our history,  our Principal Leader will Couple to serve his civic duty, Veronica.

#60 - Husband
Is this the kind of respect you show your husband?

#92 - Wish
Well I wish you would leave the six of us alone.

Pages: 385
 #16 - Flowers
I brought in a few flowers to cheer the place up.

 #30 - Passion 
She met his passion with a hard need of her own...

 #29 - Valentine's Day 
I can't believe how hard she came down on you for that Valentine's Day project.

 #37 - Lace
He pulled the ugly sweater up and exposed  a red lace bra that appeared two sizes too small.

 #85 - Evening
Inhaling the sharp evening breeze, he peered across the electronic fence line at Ed's-Bev's-house and wondered why it was so quiet.

Pages 259
Review Link

#6 - Single
Not a single soul had tried to use the stairs, so I think he was just trying to say hello.

#23 - Candy
As far as I'm concerned, no amount of " rinsing out " would make it suitable for candy again.

#49 - Bouquet
He arrived on time with a gorgeous bouquet.

#96 - Comfort
Asking me questions, actually listening to the answers,  and being extremely attentive to my comfort and needs.

#14 - Gift
Well, I bought you a gift, I intended to give it to you after your bath, but since that won't be happening,  I'd like to go ahead and give it to you now. 

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