Sunday, November 23, 2008

Debut Novel Challenge

Debut Novel Challenge

This is idea was sent to me by member Paula S. I have added to it so that you can choose to do one of the two or both.

You can overlap books with other challenges.

Jan 1 09 - June 30 09
A: choose a genreread 6 debut novels from authors in that genre
Jan 1 09 - Dec 31 09Option
B: (this one will take some time and is really a challenge!)read a debut novel of any 12 authors but they have to be from at least 4 different genres two of those have to be Mystery fiction and Fable, Fairy tale, or Folklore
use of Shelfari tags are permissible in determining what genre your book falls into
*sub-genres are allowed

For a list of the different type of literary genres go to the following link

My list will be posted soon!

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