Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Lovel Lost by Eleanor Woods

No Love Lost by Eleanor Woods
my rating 3 stars
It was easier to believe that lightning would strike the same place twice than that Jude Morrow would walk back into Stephanie's life on the eve of her daughter Katie's nineteenth birthday.
Nineteen years ago Stephanie had been a golden-haired girl, so madly in love she'd refused Jude nothing. Then he'd vanished. Boldly she defied her parents, insisted on keeping her baby. All alone, she'd come to New Orleans, met Matthew Lane, married, and established a successful career. Now Matt was dead, Katie was grown, and, without warning, Jude stood before her. Wealthy, powerful, more attractive than she remembered, his presence filled her with desire--and resentful fury. How could she agree--or refuse--to share their daughter? How could she resist him when he took her in his arms, determined to prove that between them the love that was newly found had never been truly lost.
The synopsis basically tells most of it. Stephanie was expecting meet the uncle of her daughter, Katie's fiancee, Eric instead she got a shock when she saw that is was Jude. At first she wanted to break the young couple a part believing that they were cousins but she is shocked for the second time that night by learning that Eric is actually adopted and therefore is of no blood relation to Katie.
Both Stephanie and Jude are bitter about what happened in the past. They soon find out that others namely Stephanie parents conspired to keep them apart. She finds out that he sent her letters. He finds out that her parents disowned her and their child. Use to hating Jude for his abandonment of her during a time when she needed his love she can't easily let go of the gurdge she'd nursing all those years. Jude is determined man and decides that he will have what was so unfairly denied to him years ago. He makes it his mission to have the only woman he ever really loved to himself.
Ratings 1 star=hated it 2 stars=didn't like it 3 stars=good 4 stars=really good 5 stars=loved it
C=Classic DC=Destined to be a classic Fav=one of my favorites

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