Thursday, November 27, 2008

Haunted Spouse by Heather Allison

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Haunted Spouse by Heather Allison

3 stars

Elizabeth Wilcox of Elizabeth Wilcox Architects builds the best haunted houses in Dallas Texas. Accordingly October is the busiest time of the year for her. To her surprise she receives a phone call from the most unlikely person, her ex-husband. Jared Rutledge is an architect who thinks if you are not designing buildings worthy of being featured in Architectural Digest then you wasting your talents. His views and constant sarcastic remarks are the reasons why they’re divorced.

So it was a shocked when he told her the reason why he was calling was because he needed help with the haunted house he was building. Once she gets involve she realizes that he hasn’t changed how he feels about what she does. He took on the haunted house project thinking ‘how hard could it be’. Wanting to prove to him how successful she has become despite what he thought she agrees to help him though she knows she really doesn’t have the time. While revising and reconstructing the project the two learn about themselves, the past relationship and what they really want for their future.

As a whole it gave me what most romance novels do. What I didn’t like about the book was how easy she was willing to drop everything to go run to his aid. Though at the end he came to understand how much designing haunted house meant to her, I still felt as though he still looked down on it as a profession. Lastly the book ended with the typical happy ending with the two deciding to have a commuter marriage. It was just too quick, too sappy, and so predictable.

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