Monday, January 10, 2011

Hogwarts Reading Challenge 2011 - The Houses

House Cup goes to
picture is from here

Gryffindor - 1126

Student List

  • Robin - 2

  • Kari - 803 (PMC+1) (BMC) (HMC+3) (FFC+5)Triwizard Tournament status: 803/450pts, 7/7books in series, 4/4 mini challenges

  • Lah - 251 (PMC+1) (BMC) (HMC) Triwizard Tournament status: 251/450 pts, 5/7 books in series, 3/4 mini challenges

  • Celeste - 30

  • Barmybex - 6

  • Jen - 34 (OHP)

Ravenclaw - 887

Student List

  • Andrea - 274 (PMC) (BMC) (HMC) (FFC) Triwizard Tournament status: 274/450pts, 7/7 books in series, 4/4 mini challenges

  • Kate - 90 (3HP)

  • Roof Beam -35

  • Christine T - 267 (HMC+1) (FFC) (2HP)

  • Tiff - 62 (PMC)

  • April - 11

  • Aylssa - 40 (HP) (OHP)

  • KateBydie - 25 (HP)

  • Joi W (I Love Reading Challenge Member) - 83 (3HP)

Hufflepuff - 887

Student List

  • Melissa - 522 (2HP) (2OHP) (PMC) (BMC) (HMC) (FFC+1) Triwizard Tournament status: 522/450 pts, 7/7 books in series, 4/4 mini challenges

  • Anja Kasap - 354 (7HP) (3OHP) (FFC)Triwizard Tournament status: 354/450 pts, 7/7 books in series, 1/4 mini challenges

  • Faith B - 5

  • Night Owl - 6

Slytherin - 1561

Student List

  • Tenia (I Love Reading Challenge Member) - 1135 (PMC+2) (BMC+4) (HMC+7) (FFC+4)Triwizard Tournament status: 1135/450 pts, 7/7 books in series, 4/4 mini challenges

  • fakesteph - 426 (PMC) (BMC) (HMC) (FFC) Triwizard Tournament status: 426/450 pts, 7/7 books in series, 4/4 mini challenges

*** mini challenge points will be added after the mini challenge end date


  1. Yes, I'll mosey on down to Slytherin if that's still okay. Gotta love the Gryffindors, but I play to win thats much more green and silver. :)

  2. I'm the first one in Hufflepuff? That's ok.

  3. I'm Hufflepuff too, although I'm not sure I can make the badge show up on my blog.

  4. Well I got sorted into Hufflepuff. It's nice to know that there are a few other Puff's hanging round here.

  5. Not sure if it matters, but I'm keeping track of my points for all the challenges I'm doing this year at this link:

    Let me know if you'd prefer it to have a separate page. Right now it's at the bottom but pretty clear. I love this challenge!

  6. Hi Fakesteph,
    No that's fine. I just changed the link to your name so all is set.

  7. Hey! Would it be better if i linked all my books on the Shelfari thing or is looking at my page fine?

  8. It's up to you. I don't mind checking blogs. It may be easier for you if you write reviews for you books anyway.

  9. I just signed up, I'm In Gryffindor. :D
    Barmy Bex

  10. Ouch close race! I can see I've got to bump up my reading. This next mini challenge gonna have to add in some extra books and not go for the minimum. I love this challenge! It really is the most fun one out there

  11. Fakesteph, thank you so much for being in Slytherine! I was all alone there last year (I changed houses from hufflepuff so Slytherine would have someone in it)

  12. Sorry to be a bother.. but my Book in the Day Mini Challenge points haven't been added to my points. I forgot to update my Harry Potter Reading Challenge page before.


  13. I have to update my points as I had computer trouble and have been away. I have one more book that I read for the book in the day challenge. I'll update all my points and hopefully by the end of the next mini challenge the points can be updated :)

  14. Ok...I will update points this weekend. The next mini challenge ends on April 30th. I will wait until May 7th to start posting points.

    If you are on twitter you may want to follow me. I give reminders about the mini challenges it may make it easier to remember.

  15. HI thanks for stopping by my post, I keep forgetting to update it.

    Have now done it, and have 6 books read. Will try to remember to keep updating it from now on.

    Have a great week.

  16. Not a problem. You have a great week as well.

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  18. come on team hufflepuff we are waaaay behind. Gotta at least catch up a couple hundred points.Hehe anyway loving this reading challenge.

  19. I'm glad you are liking the challenge. I am torn about what my next challenge will be. I would like to do a Robert Langdon Da Vinci Code type challenge. What do you all think? Interested? Teams, clues, and code breaking will be involved.

  20. Or I can continue the Hogwarts Challenge if y'all want. But if I do then it will start the 1st of September (like the books) to the end of June. There will still be mini challenges. You all know what the classes are so you can take the summer to plan. And of course prize will be Harry Potter related.

  21. Hi Bunnitaz, I am not sure I am posting this in the right place, but wanted to update you - I have a total of 64 points as of today. Here's the blog entry where I keep track:
    I will have a lot more points by June 30, this June is going to be all about the Hogwarts challenge!

    I have a question for you: does *any* other book count for Muggle Studies? So far I have read 67 books in 2011, and I've used 16 for this challenge. I didn't want to count the other 51 books for Muggle Studies if that's not cool. If I can though, I'd love to get the House Points, but if not that's cool too! :)

    I hope you do this challenge again, it's really fun! :)

    Hey fellow Hufflepuffs, we can still win this! :)

  22. Hi Anja,
    Yes books that you can't fit any where else can be listed under Muggle Studies. Thanks for the link I will be doing points this weekend.