Monday, January 3, 2011

Possession In Death by J. D, Robb

Possession In Death by J. D, Robb
01/03/2011 3cds 3hrs 14min
3.5 stars

From back of book:
“The devil killed my body. I cannot fight, I cannot find. I cannot free her. You must. You are the one. We speak to the dead.”
Immediately after hearing these words, uttered to her by an old Romanian woman bleeding to death in the street, detective Eve Dallas begins to notice that her latest case has come with a number of interesting side-effects: visions of the deceased, instant familiarity with rooms she’s never seen before, and fluency in Russian. Likewise, there appears to be a force inside of her, a spirit other than her own, that won’t let her rest until she’s found Beata, the old woman’s great-granddaughter, whose disappearance two months prior remains a mystery. Desperate to be free of her new “gifts”, Eve pursues the facts until she discovers a link between Beata’s disappearance and the disappearance of eight other young women, all of whom attended the same dance classes, none of whom were ever heard from again.

My Review:
This is a very quick 3 hour audio book. It is part of The Other Side anthology. Very quick read. Eve is throwing a BBQ at her house (manison) when a guest needs a ride home. While on the way to drop the priest (the guest) of at church she sees a bloody and very stabbed up old woman. The old woman knows she is dying and is only concerned with Eve agreeing to find the woman's great-granddaughter. Unknowing Eve makes a blood pact with a gyspy woman. Now Eve must find Beata before she loses herself.
I love the Eve Dallas series and this book is no exception. Set in the future there may be a bit of lingo you may have to get adjusted too (not as much as if you were reading the full length novels) but other than that it is a fast pace one-nighter or as mentioned above, a 3 hour listen.

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