Friday, January 28, 2011

Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan

Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan
GhostWalker series book 9
11cds 13.5hrs

From back of book:
When there are no rules, there are no limits.

A woman on the run, with more to live for than she imagined, collides with a danger more lethal than she feared in the all-new GhostWalker scorcher by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan…

GhostWalker Kane Cannon is pure male-animalistic, sexual, protective, instinctive-and his past missions have prepared him for anything. But his newest assignment, to rescue hostages in Mexico, plunges him into a hot zone he never anticipated: the hiding place of Rose Patterson-a fugitive, an ex-lover, a fellow GhostWalker pregnant with his child.
Rose is in flight from the insidious experiments that still haunt her dreams, and from the madman who’d do anything to take her child. Of all the GhostWalkers enlisted to hunt her down, Kane is the only one she can trust. But as their passion reignites, the stakes are raised. Because Kane is now a wanted man as well. And together they’re about to face the most desperate challenge of all: saying together and staying alive.

My Review:
The GhostWalkers are an elite group of military soldiers who have been psychically enhanced. This book focuses on the relationship between Kane and Rose. Kane came into the program as an adult. Rose had been in the program since she was a child. Treated horribly she was trained and experimented on. Then she was put into the breeding program design to make a super solider. She rejected all the men sent her way until Kane. She has chosen him.
The novel is fast paced. It get bogged down sometimes at the descriptive romance scenes once you realize that you have heard these words before. Still, it’s a good story to get lost in. On your tbr list placed this at #3


  1. Another audio book?! And that's funny that you're doing a challenge that's called Chick Porn. If I weren't in the library right now, I'd click on the link lol.

  2. Yeah...I like audiobooks. I listen to the at work. So I go through them fast since I work full time.