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Baby Momma Drama by Carl Weber

Baby Momma Drama by Carl Weber
Tradeback $15
pages 311
published: 2003

From back of the book:
Older sister Jasmine, a postal worker in Richmond, Virginia, is working hard, saving money, and waiting for the right man to walk into her life. And in fine-dressing, smooth-talking attorney Derrick, she thinks she's found him. Derrick is generous, gorgeous, and oh-so-sexy. But all it takes is some pointed questions from Jasmine's shrewd granny Big Momma to expose her man as nothing more than a lying, drug-dealing hustler. Refusing to admit she's been played, Jasmine chooses to remain faithful to Derrick while he's doing time. That is, until she finds him in a clinch on visiting day with his baby's momma, Wendy. Derrick's big mistake with Wendy pushes Jasmine even further toward the arms of good friend-and good man-Dylan. But when yet another baby momma comes into the picture, Jasmine will have to decide whether the right love is worth the complications that come with it

Little sister Stephanie is looking for a good time, not a good man, although she finds both in sweet, loyal Travis. Before she knows it, a one-night fling has turned into a three-year relationship. But then, Malek, Stephanie's sexy high school sweetheart and the father of her adorable son, swings back into town and that wild part of her wants another taste of the one that got away. Right in the middle of wedding planning, Stephanie falls into a crazy affair with Malek-one that could destroy the best thing that ever happened to her. Big Momma tries to keep Stephanie's little family together, but a woman has to take care of her own life and for Stephanie, part of keeping things real will be learning how to lie in the bed she made for herself. Now that she's the momma, maybe it's time to start acting like a grownup

My Review:
Main characters are Jasmine, Stephanie, Travis, and Dylan. What did I think about the characters? I felt like all the characters were in a rush to be in relationships. None of them just too time out to reflect on what went wrong with the last relationship.

Jasmine was judgemental quick to finding fault with how other woman dealt with men and judging those men. The same is true about Stephanie. Travis was a good man but should have put his foot down every now and then. And he shouldn't have tried to buy her love. Buying things do not make someone love you and does not make one a good man. Dylan was perhaps the only person who had most things right though he waited way too long for Monica.

There are book club discussion questions at the end I will answer those now but I will not type out the questions. So here goes:

I have dated someone who have been in prison. I have dated a few guys who have been in prison. When I was younger I definitely went for the bad boys. An ex of mine was in and out of jail...a lot. So yeah, I know what it's like to date someone in da joint. Most have some of the same things in common. They put work above almost everything else. They tend to cheat. And is not above them to manipulate emotions to work in their favor.

If I could have any man from the book it would have been Dylan. Travis was ok but he just didn't appeal all the way with me. Dylan has a loyal friend,, faithful boyfriend, and sexy lover quality. Malek and Derek, well I've known several of men like them. I think there are many women who would agree with the statement "good sex will keep you in a bad situation."

Now Big Momma. She is like many nosy mother figures in family. The thing about giving advice is that you can give it but it doesn't mean the person receiving it has to take it. Nagging never fixed anything, in fact, some times it makes a person want to do the opposite. Also it makes people not want to come to you when something is going on.

The story was well told. It is a fast paced novel. The plot moved forward from the point of view of the four main characters. I would have given this novel 4stars but there were times when I wanted to smack the crap out of a couple characters, mainly Jasmine and Big Momma. Also I didn't like the way the character jump right into a relationship. It was like the were all afraid of taking some time. Especially Travis, I don't want to reveal what he did because it takes away from some of the story but let's just say shame on him, not for Stephanie's sake but his own. I saw myself in some of the characters so it was very for me to relate and that gives why I added the .5. The overall meaning of the storyline is two things. One, people treat you the way you allow them to treat you. Second, appreciate what you have before it's gone.
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