Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pass It Along

Pass It Along

I was given a book that has been passed along several times already. I decided to make a blogpost dedicated to the idea. I'm sure that many people wont follow the rules and come back here to leave a comment stating that they have received the book and to those who have done it Thank You! I do hope however, that the book continues to get passed along and no one keeps it for his or her self.

The rules:
When a person receives the book they are to write their name and blog URL on the inside cover along with the date they finished reading it. They are asked to come to this post and do the same in the comments section.

If you are a blog owner try this little experiment yourself. Kindly leave a comment with your Pass It Along blogpost.

My Pass It Along Book is Sex in the Hood by White Chocolate

pages 335
published: Urban Books 2005

From back of book:
Duke Johnson has everything - money, power, and respect. He's the self--proclaimed ruler of Babylon, the sexiest party underworld in Detroit, and he can have anything and every woman he wants. That is, until he meets Victoria.

Victoria has lost both her parents, and now that she's moved from her upper class home in suburbia into her grandmother's run-down shack in the hood, she's about to use something else - her virtue.

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