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Sex in the hood by White Chocolate

Sex in the hood by White Chocolate
published: 2005
pgs 335

From back of book:
Duke Johnson has everything - money, power, and respect. He's the self-proclaimed ruler of Babylon, the sexiest party underworld in Detroit, and he can have anything and every woman he wants. That is, until he meets Victoria.
Victoria has lost both her parents, and now that she;s moved from her upper class home in suburbia into her grandmother's run-down shack in the hood, she's about to lose something else - her virtue.
Join us as White Chocolate, Urban Books' bi-racial sensation, takes you on one of the most pleasurable experiences of all time.

My Review:
***warning contains profanity
What a bunch of bullshit! One of the most pleasurable experience of all time? My ass...this book was painful. So bad that I didn't make it pass page 64. I did skim through the book to see if there were a point where it would get better, yeah right. Duke is a egoistical conceited "ruler" of the sexiest party of Detroit's underworld translation he is a pimp of a big brothel.

The women are called Sluts and the men are Studs. When describing body parts and sex scenes the language is crude. Urban lit is known for explicit sex scenes but this was just ridiculous. The two main character were racist and prejudiced. Duke had everyone called him Massa Duke so it shouldn't be of no surprise that he was colorstruck. Victoria has genitalia that talks to her. I have heard of the term that sex is power but this book took the term literally and not even in a convincing way.

The entire book revolves around Babylon and Duke desire to be it's ruler and grow it. Victoria as his Duchess and the light bright face of the company who speaks the King's English will be the tool he needs to get certain people on board with the expansion. Apparently black women from the ghetto don't know how to speak proper English or if they do they are faking it.

I am glad this is a pass it along book because no one should waste their money on this. I searched and their is a Sex in the hood 2...why? The premise could've worked with a more skilled author but it is clear that White Chocolate just decided to jumped on the Urban Lit bandwagon. TBR list #5 if you are not an Urban Lit fan don't even bother you will just get the wrong idea of what the genre is. For Urban Lit fans, if this is on your tbr list put it on the bottom, the absolute last entry, believe me there is no rush for this.

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