Monday, February 14, 2011

Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan

Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan
Read by Juanita Parker
From back of book:
Was She More Than His Mate?
Julian Savage was golden. Powerful. But tormented. For the brooding hunter walked alone, far from his Carpathian kind, alien to even his twin. Like his name, his existence was savage. Until he met the woman he was sworn to protect… When Julian heard Desari sing, rainbows swamped his starving senses. Emotions bombarded his hardened heart. And a dark hunger to possess her flooded his loins, blinding him to the danger stalking him. And even as Desari enflamed him, she dared to defy him with mysterious, unparalleled feminine powers. Was Desari more than his perfect mate? Julian had met his match in this woman, but would she drive him to madness…or save his soul?

My Review:
Like all the novels in the Dark Series it is very repetitive. Words you will hear over and over and over again are white hot, liquid heat, molten lava, need, and hunger. It can be quite tiring and bogs the book down. If you took all the repetitive words out of the story it would be much more interesting but a whole lot shorter. Like in all the novels you are introduced to new characters that you know will have their own books in the future. What was different about this one is that you have a group of Carpathians you have been “lost” since childhood. They do not understand the ways of their people. We as readers can see what is happening between two of the characters though they cannot understand it themselves. TBR list #5

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