Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Cop and Calamity Jane By Elane Osborn

The Cop and Calamity Jane
By Elane Osborn
pages: 248
Published: 1999
Author website: could find one
Awards: none
Reading Challenges: RoRBC's Winter '08; Book Around The States
Rating 3 stars
Description for the back cover:
Wherever Callie Chance went, disaster seemed to strike, from exploding faucets to broken engagements. Now she'd stumbled across a bizarre catnapping case, and found herself in the protective custody of a sexy-but-skeptical detective. Yes, Callie was positively jinxed, and no one-especially Marcus Scanlon- was going to convince her otherwise!
Marcus might not believe in curses, but he had to admit that Callie's mere presence did wreak havoc on people's lives-particularly his own. After all, he'd sworn off women, yet here e was, hopelessly charmed by th his happless witness. Could he possibly solve this case wit his heart-and his precious bachelorhood-intact?
My Review
The book is a romance centered around a catnapping. At times it was hard to read due to Callie's constant 'I am a jinx' thinking. It was nearly on every other page. There were times when I just wanted to slap the hell out of her and yell "Alright already with the damn bad luck crap!"
Setting: San Francisco, CA

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