Friday, December 19, 2008

If The Slipper Fits By Elizabeth Harbison

Lily Tilden and her two sisters where left at an orphanage own by a church. Now as an adult she works as a concierge for a hotel in New York. The Montclair used to be a popular hotel. As of late, it has been having a hard time.

Prince Conrad of Beloria has decided to stay at the hotel. He is in town to accept an award from the UN in the place of father as well as promote his father's foundation. Accompanying the prince is his stepmother Princess Drucille and stepsister Lady Ann.

In light of a couple of women trying to be the next princess Prince Conrad asks Lily to go out on a couple of dates and be his escort to the foundation's dinner. His stepmother has her own agenda and she soon succeeds in trying to split them apart. But the split doesn't last for long. Prince Conrad finds out just how devious his stepmother has been and proposes to Lily. It's a very fairy tale ending after all.
pg 19 line 3 Prince Conrad is described has having "striking pale blue eyes"
pg 112 line 15 his eyes are now green and penetrating
pg 148 line 11 his eyes are back to being pale blue

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