Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grindin' by Danielle Santiago


Author: Danielle Santiago
rating 5 stars

Description: .
After partying and "grindin'" in Las Vegas and clearing more than $100,000 and a bag of stolen diamonds, twenty-two-year-old Kennedy Sanchez, a beautiful, street-smart single mom, and her cousin Nina fly back home to New York. Later that night, Kennedy gets a call that Nina is being beaten up by her boyfriend - again. Kennedy rushes over to help, but it's too late: Nina dies in Kennedy's arms after making her promise to take care of her children. Stepping up to the plate, Kennedy becomes the mother of three more kids and moves them into a Harlem brownstone. She knows she needs to refocus her life, and gets her chance when she meets Chaz, a successful hip-hop artist who sees star quality written all over her. She's offered the chance to become a rapper and leave the streets behind - or at least shift to another kind of grind. But once in the music world, Kennedy realizes that the setting may have changed, but the hustle remains the same.

My Opinion:

It was a good quick read. A lot of baby mama drama, chicks getting jumped and cut, death, pain, and love. One of the things that distracted me, was the use of slang. It just felt like too much at times. Overall, for those fans of urban fiction, you will love it.

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