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Book Blitz: The Billionaire’s Deal by Crystal Kaswell

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The Billionaire’s Deal (Episode 1) by Crystal Kaswell
Publication date: July 23rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Kat Wilder is screwed. No parents to take care of her. No money to pay the mortgage for the apartment she shares with her little sister. No chance at a future. She doesn’t even have time to daydream about her passions. She barely gets by waiting tables, getting treated like crap by the wealthy people who think she’s nothing.

Then she runs straight into billionaire tech CEO Blake Sterling.

Aloof, distant, and utterly in control, Blake is impossible to read. He wants Kat to play the role of his girlfriend and he’s more than willing to dig her out of debt. His intentions are good. According to him.

They need to convince everyone they’re madly, deeply in love. Their entire relationship would be a lie. And a big one. The one true thing—the two of them alone, together—that part would be amazing.

It would be Blake’s way. Blake’s terms. Blake utterly in control, inside and outside the bedroom.

There’s no way she can agree. There’s no way she can refuse.

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Crystal Kaswell writes steamy romances with flawed characters. When she isn't writing, she is thinking about writing. Or watching way too many episodes of Law and Order in a row.

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Let's start with a brief description of the book using only two sentences.
Billionaire makes a deal with girl to play his girlfriend. Girl tries not to fall in love with him.

What made you decide to write a billionaire romance?
I was going through a stressful situation and watching this TV series to relax. One of the characters was a cool, collected billionaire. He had an awesome mansion and wore amazing gray suits and he was so soothing and appealing. I wanted to capture that sense of potential-- here is a guy that can offer the world but he can't offer anything of himself. It's an interesting contradiction.

What was the biggest challenge writing new adult romance?
New adult comes naturally to me. I love writing in first person, present tense. I love all the angst. I love the way heroines try to protect their hearts. I am only just outside the new adult age demographic and I still feel like a clueless eighteen year old college student a lot of the time. Being an adult is tough. It's so rare that I really feel like a grown-up.
I still find the process of crafting a story to be very challenging. I have a hard time structuring the plot and making sure everything has enough push and pull. Writing The Billionaire's Deal as a serial helped with plotting. It forced me to bring my A-game. I knew I had to make each episode feel complete and end on something that will make readers want more.

What do you love most about your characters?
I love when my characters have relatable flaws. Kat has this need to take care of the people around her, especially her sister, and she has a difficult time letting someone else care for her. I think a lot of women feel this way. I know I do. I love that she has this fight between her head and her heart. And I really love her burgeoning passion for graphic novels. It's a really cool and unique art form. Blake was a fun character to write. He is mysterious in many ways and clear-cut in other ways. I love how desperately he tries to be in control. Because he's so powerful in personality, wealthy, and social position, he has an easy time grasping control. But not everything is controllable. People's feelings aren't controllable. His feelings aren't controllable. Blake has to learn that, and it's a very interesting thing to watch.

If you weren't a writer, what would you be doing?
I love words. I am sure I would be working in another field where I get to work with words all day. I've always wanted to be an English or creative writing teacher.

What does your writing process look like?
First, I come up with an idea. I usually have plenty of these. Too many even! It can start with a genre. For The Billionaire's Deal, I knew I wanted to do a story about a girl who had an arrangement with a billionaire. I flesh out the idea from there. Then, I write an outline. I flesh out the outline. I revise it. Then, I start writing. I edit a little as I go but mostly I barrel forward. I clean it up, get beta feedback, rewrite, and polish. It's a very methodical process. I am draconian about meeting my deadlines, even when they are self-imposed.

What does your workspace look like?
I have a sit to stand desk. It is my pride and joy. I love it like I have never loved anything before. I keep my desk neat. I can't stand anything extra on it. I have a stack of trays for my different works in progress. There are pens and notebooks in that. I have a white board for my daily to-do list and a four month wall calender to help me keep my timelines organized. I'm a visual person, so I need to see everything written down. Calender apps don't work for me.

What would you do if you were offered a deal by a billionaire?
Is my husband reading this? He's probably not reading this, but just in case, I better say I'd turn it down ;)

Do you have a favorite passage you would like to share?
His eyes pass over me, his expression softening.
“You like me all cleaned up?” I ask.
“It doesn’t matter what I like.”
“But do you like it?”
There’s this weight in my chest. It shouldn’t matter, but I still feel heavy all over.
“I liked you before too.” He reaches across the table, offering his hand. “Look at me, Kat.”
“I’m looking at you.”
“Like you’re infatuated with me.”
I draw a circle on his palms with my fingertips. Make my eyes are big as they’ll get. Part my lips like I’m desperate to kiss him. “Like that?”
“We’ll have to practice.”
I slide back into my chair, pulling my arms to my sides. Gaga couples can’t be gaga all the time. They get into fights. Isn’t the passion the whole appeal of a passionate love affair? Passion isn’t just long, desperate kisses and bodies thrashing together in ecstasy. It’s screaming and fighting and slapping too.

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