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Blog Tour: Synthetica by Rachel Pattinson

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Synthetica (Synthetica #1) by Rachel Pattinson
Release Date: 04/01/15
Ratning: 3 stars

Summary from Goodreads:

This city is falling.

Seventeen-year-old Anais Finch lives in a world where everyone is born beautiful, where every dream is a possibility - and where their every move and every piece of personal information is recorded by an ID picochip inserted behind their right ear. When technology giant, Civitas, finally announces the launch of their highly anticipated Scholarly Learning Programs, which allow people to download and learn any subject instantly, Anais can hardly wait.

But not everyone is pleased with society's progress, and not everyone wants to fit in. When Anais witnesses a brutal murder on an innocent citizen and is implicated in the crime, she becomes determined to uncover the truth, especially when others like it begin to occur all over the city. But it may already be too late for Anais to stop the man who calls himself 'the Hacker' before he commits his most appalling crime yet...


My Review:
Okay so it was that beautifullt weird mask that caught my eye. After reading the summary I knew I had to give it a read. I liked the concepts in the story. I found that everything plausible. Civitas is like that planned community whose brochure you keep peeking at waiting for the time when you can ay your dream home there. The glossy brochure with its pictures of the gorgous houses, beautiful landscaping, and luxury admenities lure you in. Once you locked into you home the new home smell is still there. However, after some time you realize it not exactly what you barganed for. You own a home but you don't have the freedom to do whatever you wnt to it. HOA has the final say.

Well Civitas is like that. They have create this society where criminals can't hide. Dieases have but elimated. And technology offers an easier life. But just like that planned community HOA Civitas isn't without it limitations. For one, you aren't able to choose your job. There's oversight to everything that you do and most of the time there's a fee associated with it.

As for the characters hmmm. Anais was annoying as hell. When she wasn't wallowing in self pity she was being self rightous and when she wasnt being that she was whiny. Nope, did not like her one bit. Xander was suppose to be the hottie in the book but I couldn't tell. The only thing I know about him is that he has blue eyes. None of the characters were standouts. Though I told you about Civitas it could have been more world building. I couldn't picture the surroundings at all.

In the end, I liked the story. I like what the author tried to tell and what the novel could have been. The concept got the book 3 stars. The characters need more depth. The surroundings need more details. And the anatognist needs to give me a reason as to why he has a picochip on his shoulder.

About the Author

So what qualifies me to be a writer? Well, ever since an early age I've been more interested in the worlds in my head, than the real one - so I thought it was finally time to do something about it. I went to uni, got a degree in publishing, worked in an office for a while, decided I hated it, went to China, came back...and now I'm a teaching assistant by day and a YA writer by night. Phew! It's been quite a journey, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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