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Blog Tour: Starbright Series by Hilary Thompson

Justice Buried (Starbright #1)
Release Date: 01/15/14
304 pages
Summary from Goodreads:
The people need Justice, but she's not listening. One hundred years before, the Great Sickness reduced the world to three cities. Now the community of Asphodel is trapped underground, waiting for the prophesied maiden of Justice to return and save them from their Fates. Sixteen-year-old Astrea is supposed to be this savior - too bad for them she isn't a believer.
Trea fights against her false destiny: she rebels against her family and friends, then refuses her arranged marriage to the charming but deceitful Lexan. Learning her life is in danger, Trea is forced to trust Lexan - until she discovers a power she never knew she had, and one he already knew he did. As betrayal closes every door, Trea decides she must submit to her stars and accept her fate. Then a handsome stranger offers her an unexpected escape and the chance to create her own destiny. 

My Thoughts:
It follows along the typical lines of a dystopian novel in that you (the people of the city) don't have any real freedoms. The astrology aspect of it added a nice twist. There is always something going on in the book that it keeps your attention. 

Lexan's Pledge (Starbright #1.5)
Release Date: 03/09/14
92 pages
Summary from Goodreads:
Author's Note: this is not the full-length sequel to Justice Buried. It is a short novella telling Lexan's side of the story!

There will come three...
A child of peace, born in a place of war.
A child of right, born in a place of many wrongs.
A child of lawfulness, born in a place with no laws.

The secrets of Asphodel continue to spill as Lexan tells his side of the story. Lexan has been pretending for so long that he barely remembers why. All he knows is that it's getting harder to be the image of perfection that everyone expects. With Keirna plotting murder, Saloman having visions, and Trea throwing tantrums, Lexan just might be ready to risk his world for the chance at a better one.

My Thoughts:
Obviously this is a novella told through the p.o.v. of Lexan. I liked that I got to know him better. The best part is that since you are reading from a different character perspective you get to more details of certain scenes that wasn't given in the actual novel. Kuddos for that because really, how could one character know all the details about every single thing if she wasn't actually there. Lexan confirmed his honorable peace and love persona with me with this read.

Balance Broken (Starbright #2)
Release Date: 10/28/14
Summary from Goodreads:
Balance Broken is the second in the Starbright series. In the first book, Justice Buried, Astrea fights to remain independent in a world which demands she submit to an ancient prophecy. In Balance Broken, she learns that independence means little when the world is depending on her.
The world cries for Order, but she’s igniting a revolution.
One hundred years before, the Great Sickness reduced the world to three cities. Now, Asphodel no longer lingers underground, and the Starbright Maiden of Justice has returned.
Everyone has faith in Astrea’s ability to save the world - but only she knows the dark truth about her powers.
Astrea teams with Stian, Lexan, and Zarea to enlist the help of Lord Hadeon of Tartarus. They hope Hadeon will aid in attacking Asphodel’s First Leader Keirna, but the Destroyer usually takes lives, not sides.
As Astrea discovers life outside of Asphodel, she begins to wonder whether the remaining world is too broken to save - especially since the price of freedom just might be her own life.

My Thoughts:
This one is more action packed. It focuses on Astrea and Lexan as the prophecy is becoming more of the focus. This is when I got excited for this series. I was happy that now that things are unfolding.

Stian's Mistake (Starbright, #0.5)
Release Date: 02/17/15
Summary from Goodreads:
Author’s Note: The events of this novella occur before the events of Justice Buried, Starbright Book One. Stian’s Mistake may be read as a prequel or in publication order (after Balance Broken, Starbright Book Two).

The Hero’s Mission: All Stian wants is to be seen for who he is.

Not just an orphaned wanderer or a skilled warrior, but someone worthy of belonging to the Tribe of Hebron. He dreams of fulfilling his father’s broken legacy - leading the Tribe to the Garden.

Zarea understands him, but her future is tied to a secret past that could tear the Tribe apart. Her father Abraham is determined to keep this past buried, so he awards Stian the Hero’s Mission.
If Stian lives long enough to succeed, he will secure the Tribe’s loyalty and gain a chance to marry Zarea one day.

But Stian isn’t the only one to accept this mission - and only one man can become a Hero. 

My Thoughts:
If you don't like Stian, you may change your mind after reading this one. Even if you don't end up loving him, you will probably soften up a little bit. This made me say "awww" a couple of times (not out loud but still...). Dare I say it? Yeah, I'm gonna. His situation reminded me of Aspen in that he loves someone he can't have. Good companian book and a must read if you want to know more about the world of this series.

Aitan's Revenge (Starbright #2.5)
Release Date: 05/19/15
Summary from Goodreads:
Author's note: this novella tells the story of Asphodel after Trea leaves, bridging the time between Balance Broken and the upcoming Destiny Risen.
Aitan dreams of power.
His family dreams of revenge.
He has followed First Leader Keirna for years, careful to appear loyal even when it cost him nearly everything.
When Astrea and Lexan abandon the city, the people of Asphodel realize their sacred prophecy was false. Justice and Balance are gone, and Keirna is now free to create her own destiny. She forces Asphodel to rise early, even while Saloman rants that the prophecy is true and must be obeyed. 
Aitan must work to balance his desires with Asphodel's needs, and his ties to Keirna with his task of revolution.
Unfortunately, Aitan has never been good with balance, and everything he's worked for might soon topple from the scales, becoming buried forever. 

My Thoughts:
Like with the other novellas, this is a must read for anyone who wants a better understanding 
of the novel. Aitan is power hungry but as with all her character he has more to him than that. Once again you get to see about a scene that the main character could not tell us about. I just love that!

 About this author 
Hilary Thompson was born to parents who made a habit of taking roads less traveled. But she was also a first child, and an independent, willful child, so she has made a habit of taking a few roads on her own.
After trying on hats made for artists, architects, restaurant and retail workers, landscape designers, legal secretaries, and professional students, she retreated back to her first loves of education and writing.
Hilary now teaches high school full time, writes whenever and wherever she can, and reads as much as her eyes can handle. She also tries not to spoil her own independent, willful children or neglect her wonderful soul-mate of a husband too much. She tends to ignore laundry baskets and dirty dishes.

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