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Movie Monday: Polly

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I like reading posts on other book bloggers sites that aren't always related to books. So I started thinking about what non book related thinks I would like to post. Movie Monday should be interesting since I like random things. You see mostly older movies but maybe you'll find something new to watch.

starring: Keshia Knight Pulliam
Director: Debbia Allen
Rated: G
Run Time: 93 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney / Buena Vista

Precocious orphan Polly (Keshia Knight Pulliam) moves to Alabama to live with her cynical aunt (Phylicia Rashad). Her new home is embedded within a segregation-era black neighborhood rife with internal conflict. Being a pragmatic and optimistic child, Polly has an uplifting effect on all those she comes into contact with, including a hardworking doctor (Dorian Harewood). Through a combination of music and hope, Polly strives to bring the community together.

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No this is not a repeat of last week. This is a musical remake of Pollyanna starring Keshia Knight Pulliam as Polly and Phylicia Rashad as Aunt Polly. The plot is the same only it is a musical and has a racial aspect to it. It takes place in the south (Alabama I think). Aunt Polly is still a rich know-it-all. The town is racially split. Blacks live on one side of the river (not much of one maybe it's a creek) and Whites lived on the other side. Polly is still quite the optimist so when she meets the grumpy lady she tells her like it is and befriends her. 

Aunt Polly is all work and no play. Not having kids of her own, she frowns upon young Polly's playful nature. When an accident happens, Polly loses that sunshine. It is Aunt Polly who learns the lesson to let go and just be glad. This is a feel good movie that will have the kiddies dancing. Heck you may even shed a tear at the end. Don't be surprised if you started singing "Sweet Little Angel Eyes" or my other favorite "Rainbow Maker".

Favorite line - "Wicked weaknesssss..."

Favorite song - Sweet Little Angel Eyes 

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Want to read the book?  Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter
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