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WRI Interviews: Author Leanne Jones

BunnitaWhat is Trust the Process about? 

LeanneWell decided to call this book Trust the Process because to “Trust the Process” means to have faith and be patient through a transformation and during your life’s journey and also trusting, believing and embracing your life’s experiences and positive lessons.  

Which is what this book is mainly about, except it provides easy, short and doable steps and reminders for women that they can use on their journey of self-development 

BunnitaHow did the idea for this book come about? 

LeanneTrust the Process originally started out as a personal journal/diary of mine. After I felt the deep desire to strive for my greatest potential I decided I was going to start consciously designing a life I absolutely loved, I started to write a collection of little important life lessons, practices and habits to myself while on my journey. Now my goal is to help other women around the world, who are dedicated to their own personal growth, elevate and enrich their lives just as I did mine and I hope that the book will be an inspiration or reminder to other women of some things women often forget in life while on their own personal development journey.  

BunnitaIs this book for any woman or does she has to be at a certain place in life? 

LeanneThis book can be for many women. When I wrote it, my intention was for it to be for women who were trying to focus on their self-development and needed short daily reminders or inspiration on some of the best and most basic self-development practices. I also wrote it for women who have been looking for quick and easy steps to improve their life and keep them on the right path.  

BunnitaWhat do you say to the woman who wants to change her life but doesn’t think she can? 

LeanneGosh, there’s a lot I would say (lol)But I would start by saying this, “It is the quality of your thoughts that will ultimately create the quality of your life. Or in other words…It all starts with you!.  As soon as you first change your mindset from “I can’t” to “I can and will” it changes everything. Have faith and believe in yourself. You can do anything! Just take the leap and know that your goals, confidence and anything you want to accomplish starts with a positive mind.  

BunnitaTrust the Process is part self-help and part workbook. Once the reader is done with the book, what changes can she expect to see and/or feel? 

LeanneMy hope is for my readers is to feel more motivated, positive, happy and most of all empowered. I also hope that the reader will find clarity and feel more fulfilled.  

BunnitaLastly, do you have any parting words you would like to leave your readers with? 

LeanneI just hope that all my readers constantly strive towards their greatest potential and consciously create a life that they absolutely love. I send them all my love and thank everyone for their support.

Leanne Jones - Bio 
Entrepreneur / Author / Lifestyle Design Coach 
Certified Lifestyle Design Coach Leanne Jones is the author of Trust the Process: 30 Days of Inspiration to Enrich, Enhance and Empower Your Life. Inspirited with a goal to teach women to create themselves and learn how to be the designer of their own lives, Leanne Jones empowers women to evolve and elevate to reach success on their own terms for the life they truly want and deserve. 

With an education and background in Business and Entrepreneurship, she is the Co-founder of “The Jones Sisters” which is at the center of all of Leanne's projects, including acting as CEO and COO of her and her sisters own fashion and natural beauty businesses.  
A young mogul in the making, Leanne Jones is richly committed to family, fitness and travel. A former Miss Black California contestant and winner of Miss West Coast's Entrepreneur 2014, Leanne Jones offers immeasurable potential with her outgoing and outstanding personality that makes her unstoppable at achieving beyond her own highest expectations. 

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