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Blog Tour: The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork

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About the Book:
Author: Francisco X. Stork
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Pages: 336
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Source: RockStar Book Tour
Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

When Vicky Cruz wakes up in the Lakeview Hospital Mental Disorders ward, she knows one thing: She can't even commit suicide right. But for once, a mistake works out well for her, as she meets Mona, the live wire; Gabriel, the saint; E.M., always angry; and Dr. Desai, a quiet force. With stories and honesty, kindness and hard work, they push her to reconsider her life before Lakeview, and offer her an acceptance she's never had. But Vicky's newfound peace is as fragile as the roses that grow around the hospital. And when a crisis forces the group to split up, sending her back to the life that drove her to suicide, Vicky must try to find the strength to carry on. She may not have it. She doesn't know. Inspired in part by the author's own experience with depression, The Memory of Light is the rare young adult novel that focuses not on the events leading up to a suicide attempt, but the recovery from one -- about living when life doesn't seem worth it, and how we go on anyway.

“The Memory of Light is filled with hard truths and beautiful revelations. It’s a beacon of hope for those in the dark of depression. This book just might save your life.” -Stephanie Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Isla and the Happily Ever After.

“The Memory of Light takes you to that cold strange place that is depression. Vicky’s journey back from darkness doesn’t simplify or sentimentalize the effects of mental illness. Francisco Stork shows us the universe of the human mind, how it can be terrifyingly dark – and how in the company of the right kind heart – infinitely dazzling.” –Martha Brockenborough, author of the Game of Love and Death

“Stork further marks himself as a major voice in teen literature by delivering one of his richest and most emotionally charged novels yet.” — Kirkus, starred review -

“Various studies have estimated that perhaps as many as one in five teens has a diagnosable mental health problem; it’s a subject that needs the discussion Stork’s potent novel can readily provide.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review -

“Vicky’s story has undeniable emotional strength and an encouraging, compassionate message. Stork writes his characters with authenticity and respect… informative and highly rewarding.”
— Booklist, starred review

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My Review
This is a difficult book to read if you have any experience with metal illness. It doesn't sugar coat the issue. It doesn't glamorize it. It is raw and real. If you see me, you'll see a person who is always smiling. You would think that I am one of those happy sunshiney people. A lot of the time I am. However, I have suffered from depression. I have had some really horrible times in my life and though I never acted on the thoughts some were suicidal. 

Vicky and even the others are written well. It's like peaking into someone life at their darkest moments but also getting to witness their struggle to see the light. All I can say is bravo. This isn't for the faint of heart. If you are a crier than bring out the box of tissues. I do recommend that your following read after this be a light romance or comedy. It's like when I watch Criminal Minds. I have to follow it up with something that lighten up the mood.

About the Author
About Francisco:
Francisco X. Stork is the author of the acclaimed Marcelo in the Real World which received five starred reviews and won the Schneider Family Book Award for Teens; The Last Summer of the Death Warriors, named a New York TimesEditors’ Choice selection; and Irises. He was born in Monterrey, Mexico, spent his teenage years in El Paso, Texas, and now lives outside Boston, Massachusetts, with his family. Visit him online at

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