Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shoot the Breeze #1

Shooting the Breeze

So I know what you all are saying. There have been more postings on this blog but it's mostly memes, where's the reviews? Well I have been reading...well listening to books so I have many to review. I am working on a way to make my reviews better. So I have be blog hopping look at what others are doing. I have learned that I like the more conversational style of reviews. I think I already do that to some extent here but it still needs more substance. 

I also like Roof Beam Reader system of rating. So I will incorporate something like that in my reviews as well. I hope he doesn't mind. I have been taking these elements (plot, characters, writing, and other small things that make the book) into consideration but I never though to rate them separately to come up with an average. I think it makes for a better rating of a book. My reviews will still be based on the feel of the book. I do not read for academic purposes, or to find a literary master piece. I read to lose myself in the book.

Therefore all my categories are still pretty much based in emotions. For example, the writing category, I am not some much concern with technical aspects of writing as I am with the ease and pace of reading. If the writing is distracting or hard to follow that is a problem for me. I am not all that concern with whether or not it switches from first to third person narration or from present to past tense.

My overall rating system is still 1-5
  1. poor
  2. needs work
  3. average
  4. above average
  5. excellent
With that said I have more reviews to write and more reading to do. The second half this year will see more post so get ready. And feel free to leave comments. I always reply back. Now off to write and schedule another review.


  1. I'm glad you found some ideas to meet your needs better.

    Lots of bloggers have became audio book lovers, I can't get into them.

  2. thanks. I still trying to find ways to blog better.

    I got into audiobooks at my last job. Sometmes I get tired of listening to the same old songs so I'll listen to an audio book to break things up. I can't listen to the at home though.