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Book Review: He Who Finds A Wife by Stephan Labossiere‏

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Men want love too! From the author of the bestselling book "God Where Is My Boaz" comes a book that will help men who truly desire love and a woman they can spend their life with. "He Who Finds A Wife" takes a practical and spiritual approach to guiding men on the path that will lead to their self growth, and a amazing relationship.


My Review:
This is a self-help book for men. With that said, it isn't really for me to understand to the fullest. I found that it did a decent job speaking to men. The main theme of the book is work on yourself. Stop blaming the "crazy women" or "no good women" and reflect on yourself so that you can change the type of women you are attracting. It also mentions that having filler relationship is just going to hurt the search for a wife. It isn't that much different than a book written for women. I guess what both men and women need to realize is that what we are is what we attract.

I really want to go off on a tangent about how men don't take responsibility for the chaos they create in women lives then when they are ready to settle down they disregard the bitterness they've created in the "no good woman" situation. However, that would be pages and at the end of the message is the same. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Overall, I like the messages pointed out in the book. There is one that I have an issue with. And it is the one that Labossiere knew I would have an issue with. That issue is submission. Why do men keep trying to get women to submit. Let's look at the meaning of submission. It is the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. Men should realize that word is a slap in the face to many women. 

A better word is support. I am willing to support my man. I am willing to blend into the background in situations where he is better suited to be in the foreground. I expect the same from him. We support the strengths of the other. I shouldn't have to blow my light out (submit) in order for his light to shine (to have authority). Instead if my light and his light shine side by side (in partnership) the two lights will actually shine brighter together than they could've ever done on their own. And that's my two cents.

About the Author:
Stephan Labossiere is a man on a mission, and that mission is to make relationships happier and more fulfilling.
As a certified relationship coach, a speaker and author, Stephan seizes every opportunity to help both men and women overcome the challenges that hinder their relationships. From understanding the opposite sex, to navigating the paths and avoiding the pitfalls of relationships and self growth, Stephan’s relationship advice and insight helps countless individuals achieve an authentically amazing life. Stephan empowers millions to take charge of the difficult situations standing in the way of the life and love they seek and to make impactful changes on a daily basis.
Dedicated to helping, and devoted to keeping it real, Stephan’s straightforward, yet compassionate delivery style, attracts a versatile clientele including; notable celebrities, civic and social organizations, academic institutions, singles, and couples alike, who can and are ready to handle the truth!

Seen, heard and chronicled in national and international media outlets including; the Tom Joyner Morning ShowThe Examiner,ABC, GQ, and Huffington Post Live, to name a few. Stephan is highly sought-after because he is able to dispel the myths of relationship breakdowns and obstacles–platonic, romantic, and otherwise—with fervor and finesse. To coin a phrase by an individual who attended one of his speaking engagements, “he’s definitely the relationship guy, all relationships all the time.”
With an international following of singles and couples alike, the name Stephan Labossiere is synonymous with breaking down relationship barriers, pushing past common facades, and exposing the truth. It is this understanding of REAL relationships that he brings to everyone he encounters.

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