Friday, June 5, 2015

Follow Friday 25

How would you pitch to the biz to make your favorite book into a movie? viaGirl of 1000 Wonders

Hard question. I'm not sure. I think I would go in with stats for sure. I love lists so that would def be in the packet I would make. Like, I would have a list of bloggers who loved the book. A list of things that have to go in the movie since they often get that wrong. For example, All the Harry Potters except the first one even though they left out stuff in that one it wasn't as bad. They made great casting choices but the changes in who did what and the things they chose not to highlight did show the depth of the series.


  1. I love your idea. I love to make lists too so I'm sure I'd end up including some if I were to pitch a movie.

    Old Follower Tina, The Bookworm

  2. Good answer! I think coming at the industry with facts and stats and just proving what a huge following the book already has and what that would mean success-wise for a film franchise would be the best way to get them interested in optioning it for a film.

  3. I think coming with stats and list my make a difference. Since twitter it seems fans have more of a voice than ever before. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Your methods are similar to mine :) I'm all about walking in with a solid presentation ha ha! New follower!