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Book Review: Spirit Lake by Tamar Hela

Six teenagers from Northern California are assigned a seemingly innocent group project for their sophomore English class. Little do they know, this project will take them on a journey out of this world—literally. Cantelia appears much like Earth until the kids realize magic is as plentiful as the wildlife surrounding them. What’s at stake is much more than they can fathom, especially since they are part of an ancient prophecy. A dark and evil ruler is enforcing a curse on the tribes people of Sikuku Island—the same place where the kids have been transported. Now, they must help the islanders break the curse if they ever want to see their own planet again. Join Alex and her companions as they learn there is so much more beyond their comfortable lives in Pollock Pines and its legendary lake, Spirit Lake.



My Review:
This is not the first time I going to say this and it's not going to be the last, covers matter. This cover looks like the cover of an indie author. I know that writers think that it is the story that matters. And as readers we will say that it is the story that matters. However, you have to get a potential reader to pick up the book. The cover is that advert screaming "pick me up" or in the case of a bad one "pass me over". No matter how much we may dislike it, looks matter even with books. Enough with that now on to the review.

This is a fast paced book. The characters were okay. What wasn't typical is that there isn't much romance in this. So if you are looking for a romance break you'll find it with this book. If you are looking for a quick fantasy novel where the character do something other than looking for love then this may be a winner for you.

About the Author:
Tamar Hela is an editor and writer from California. Since the age of ten, many of her teachers have encouraged her to pursue a career in writing fiction. Tamar has always had a knack for words, loving the art of storytelling. As a musician and artist, she understands the importance of captivating an audience through various mediums, but especially loves using words to create visual images for readers. When she’s not writing, editing, drinking coffee, or traveling to someplace cool, she can be found curled up with a good book.

Tamar released her first novel in 2012: Feast Island, which has since been acquired by Cosby Media Productions. Feast Island is now titled Spirit Lake, and is book one of five in the Spirit Lake Series. The Wrong Fairy Tale, book two, will be released in June 2015.

Tamar also has a poem titled “Hope” published, which came out in the anthology Live Life: The Daydreamer’s Journal in 2012.

She is the creator of Hey Girl Writer (on Tumblr) and previously wrote for as the San Jose Healthy Living expert. Tamar has employed her writing and editing skills for several companies in the Silicon Valley, and has used some of her fictional pieces to teach English to ESL learners and native speakers alike.

After a ten year career in education, Tamar began living the freelancer’s life in 2013 as a writer, editor, and writing/business coach. She is also partnered with Cosby Media Productions as the Publishing Director and Chief Editor for their Print Division.

Daydreaming is what prompted Tamar to start writing and she encourages those around her to dream big, all the time.

Bonus information:
Tamar is a certified natural health instructor, has lived abroad in Spain (just because), and used to play the Ukulele.

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