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These Hoes Ain't Loyal - Book Review: Your Husband, My Man by K.C. Blaze

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Your Husband, My Man
by K.C. Blaze
Publisher: True Glory Publication
pages 196
rating: 3 stars (3.2)

Lauren Michaels is a beautiful 27 year old club owner. Her definition of the perfect man is the one with long pockets and a wife. She only dates married men with limited time and lots to lose. Her latest sugar daddy, Arnold Blake happily funds her business ventures until she finds herself sucked into a truly forbidden love triangle with Tori, her best friend's husband.

Tori is the only man she dates for fun. He's gorgeous, well-hung and more romantic than anyone else she's been with. She convinces herself that she is saving Tori from the neglect he's receiving from her best friend.
Lauren's choices will lead her down an almost deadly path too difficult to recover from.


My Review:
Lauren is one of those superficial chicks who thinks she's all that. Being on the industry that she is in that is some what understandable. She gets the things she wants from the men she sleeps with. I don't think she think of herself as a prostitute but that what she is. She exchange sex for money. However, I don't knock her for that. The reason why I couldn't like Lauren is because she sleeps with married men on purpose and do not have an ounce of guilt about it. Especially when sleeping with her best friend man.

Okay here comes the man bashing. Tori is the typical male. His wife makes him feel like shit but instead of demanding respect or leaving her ass, he cheats on her with her best friend. Cheating is bad enough but with her best friend is just straight foul.

Misha is wrong for how she is treating her husband. When you push someone away don't be surprised when they leave. Also what she did was bad enough but to not him was harsh. People can't be replace so regardless he would have been phases. There are things that you just shouldn't do to a person.

This book is filled with so much drama It perfect for people who enjoy realty shows. It ends in a cliffhanger. I am interested in what going to happen between Misha and Tori (which is the girl way to spell that name). Will Lauren come clean about her trifling ways or will she continue to play the innocent victim? Fast paced and definitely a lounge on the patio with a glass of warm enjoying the warm breeze type of read.

*Side note: What's up with homey's forehead? Looks like he got popped in the head or about to grow some devil horns. The person who did the cover needs to watch a Youtube video on contouring. I'm just saying.

About the Author:

K.C Blaze also known as K.C Baylor is the author of several books including the hottest Your Husband, My Man series and Platinum Dust. She has marked her entrance into the literary world with her award-winning site Urban Fiction News magazine. With a degree in Psychology and her love of the written word she has always known she wanted to write books that not only inspired but took her readers on a mental journey unlike any they've been on before.

Not only does she write urban books that read like movies but she also writes how-to guides and non-fiction titles as well. She wishes that her works provoke all readers to leave a review which is the only way an author knows they have connected to their audience!

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