Friday, October 16, 2015

Book Blogger Hop 10: Halloween Edition

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Halloween Edition
Your having a costume party with the theme "Book Characters." Who would you go as?

I don't think anyone is surprise by my choice. Yes, I am a Potterhead. I would go as Hermione Granger. The obvious is the Harry Potter aspect but there's more. School girl uniform outfits are always popular at Halloween. Witches costumes are also popular. Going as Granger you got three great costumes in one. 
Also I am a knitter so I appreciate that Hermione wears a lot of knits.

On a side note, here's a tidbit about my Halloween costumes as a kid. When I was a little kid like many little girls I loved pink. Like seriously, LOVED pink. It was my absolute favorite color. Because I love pink so much my mom actually luck out on buying my Halloween costume for a few years. I wore the same Pink Panther costume for years. I loved the Pink Panther (pre-talking. The talking Pink Panther highlight how much of a jerk he is) cartoon and well he was pink! :D 

So who would you go as?

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  1. Hermonie always to be my number one, though nowindays Bellatrix is more of my style. Creepy, crazy and sassy all rolled up into one evil lady!
    <3 Building The Confidence || Review: Username Evie

  2. LOL. I usually sude with the villian in stories and Bellatrix has her appeal but she was stone cold and crazy.