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I See Dead People - WRI Fright Fest 2015 Reviews: Welcome to the Spookshow by Tim McGregor

Welcome to the Spookshow
by Tim McGregor
Kindle Edition, 267 pages
Published December 5th 2014
Ratings: 3 stars (3.2)

Drifting through life while her peers move on with careers and marriage, Billie Culpepper fears she will never discover what she was meant to do with her life.

Fate intercedes when she's injured during a pursuit between a mysterious Englishman and the police detective determined to apprehend him. Waking three days later in hospital, Billie is haunted by horrible apparitions that no one else can see. She worries over her sanity until the Englishman returns to inform her that her eyes are now open to the spookshow. Billie can see the dead and, unfortunately, they can see her too.

Like a wave from a magic wand, Billie is told of her true calling; that of a medium between this world and the next. There's only one snag. It's the last thing on earth she wants.

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My Review:
I love book one The Spookshow. Welcome to the Spookshow is book two but it is a prequel. I was thinking that it probably was since it has Welcome in the title. I will tell you that I was a bit disappointed that it was a prequel and not a continuation. However, I guess it is good to have some background to the story.

In this one we get a glimpse of what Billie life was like as a little girl. Then it jump to her life right before she is injured. Billie has a bit of a woe-is-me attitude for much of the book. Her attitude didn't bother that much only that she didn't want people to pity her but she was whiney about not wanting her "gift". I am so glad that one of the characters called her on it.

I do like that she did try to seek answers about her mom. We know in the first book that both her mom and dad disappeared. The corpse they found was the dad but the mom was left up in the air. She got some answers about her mom but there is still things to discover when it comes to that part of the plot.

Mockler was a part of the first book but more so in this one I think. Being a cop I wasn't surprised by his reaction when Billie tried to tell him about her. I think that his girlfriend might have been more receptive about it if she was told. Probably even relieve.

We were again left with question like what happened to Billie's mom? How did her father end up dead? What is Gantry so scared of? What did he mean about Billie and Mockler? So I hope some of those questions are answered in the next book.

If you are interested in this series, I would suggest that you read book 2 then book 1. You can read them by publishing date but I think it would probably flow better if read in the reverse. The trend of weird choices of word usage continues as well. I don't in the first book they were in Ohio but now I guess this takes place in Canada. I am a bit confused still about location of the book. There are some typos but nothing that would keep you from reading it. It is still a campfire read but not as spooky to me.

About the Author
Tim McGregor is a screenwriter and author, living in Toronto with his wife and children. When not writing, Tim can be found chasing away the nocturnal recycling people who creep into his yard.

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