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The Calling - WRI Fright Fest 2015 Reviews: Rushed by Brian Harmon

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Rushed by Brian Harmon

Pages: 388
Publisher: Author Published
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Rating: ☆☆


Eric can't remember the recurring dream that keeps waking him in the middle of the night with an overwhelming urge to leave, yet he spends each day feeling as if he desperately needs to be somewhere. With no idea how to cure himself of this odd new compulsion, he decides to let it take its course and go for a drive, hoping that once he proves to himself that there is nowhere to go, he can return to his normal life. Instead, he finds himself hurled headlong into a nightmare adventure across a fractured Wisconsin as the dream reveals itself one heart-pounding detail at a time.

Horror, science fiction, dark fantasy.

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My Review

This book did anything but rush. I didn't find this novel particularly scary. There were moments when the reader is supposed ti be all creeped out but it did not do it for me. Also it is a slow paced read. The entire time Eric is following this pull he has to get to an unknown destination during which he has these strange encounters. He is in danger during this while quest.

Then at end he finds what he needed to find bu we as readers are still left in the dark about what it was he found. We only know that it has happened before and that it has something to do with God. I mean all that time spent reading and I don't get to know the secret? What the...! Very disappointed.

About the Author

Brian Harmon is a writer of horror fiction, suspense and dark adventure. He grew up in Missouri and currently lives in Southern Wisconsin with his wife, Guinevere, and their two children.

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