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WRI Fright Fest 2015 Presents: Jeanette Andromeda's Top 5 Horror Comics

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Horror comes in many forms and one that I hadn't gotten heavily into until recently was graphic novels and comics.

Horror comics can be fun and playful or pushing the boundaries of how reading is experienced. For today, I'd like to share 5 stunning horror comics that will make you rethink how horror can be told.

5) American Vampire 
Written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King with artwork by Rafael Alburquerque

Monstrous vampires, with great revenge plots and characters you can really root for in a 1920's setting.

American Vampire is an easy graphic novel to pick up and enjoy, even if the medium isn't exactly your cup of tea. It has two timelines going on simultaneously that delight your eyes with period details. It's full color, action packed, and filled with characters you won't forget.

The first timeline is  written by Scott Snyder and follows the gripping journey of Pearl a wannabe actress in the cutthroat land of 1920s Hollywood. Pearl is the kind of spirited and spunky gal you can enjoy rooting for even as the twists and turns in the plot become more desperate.

The second story-line is written by Stephen King and follows the viscous, outlaw/mutant vampire Skinner Sweet in the land of the American old west. Good Bad and the Ugly has nothing on this guy's tale.

You can find volume 1 here.

4) Severed
Written by Scott Snyder and Attila Futaki

12 year old kid on a journey to discover his past vs man-eating-monster set during America's Great Depression

This is another period-set horror, this time in set during the Great Depression. In this one you ride the rails with 12 year old runaway Jack Garron as he searches for his birth father. But where his journey takes him is something straight out of a classic Grimms fairytale. This one is a suspenseful, touching tale that will certainly disturb you.

You can find volume 1 of the series here

3) Afterlife with Archie
Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and illustrated by Franceso Francavilla

Most of us know the comic series Archie. It was one of the few comics I had access to growing up. Fun-loving all-American Kids dealing with everyday issues in humorous ways.

Well, in Afterlife with Archie the whole gang has to deal with a zombie apocalypse breaking out thanks to good ol' Jughead.

This comic is beautifully drawn and so funny! It plays with all of the classic horror-movie tropes and will make you laugh most of the way through. But do be ready for gore... there are zombies after all.

You can fin volume 1 of Afterlife with Archie over here

2) Preacher
By Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon 

Demons, angels and the old west. This is a dark tale full of violence and thought provoking themes in the Old West.

In this story a Texan Preachers named Jesse Custer is taken over by a spiritual force called Genesis. He goes on a violent journey across the country with his totally badass girlfriend Tulip and an alcoholic Irish Vampire named Cassidy. All along the way he discovers the horrible things humanity does and loses his faith in both God and Humanity.

This is not a book for everyone, but it will effect you and make you look at the world in a very different way.

1) Pretty Deadly

Violence still plays a major role in the this graphic novel, but the artistry and Neil Gaimen style storytelling will wrap your mind up and take it to a whole new world.

This comic is a classic folktale set in the old west and given a brutal twist for flavor. Out of all the comics I have ever read this one is the one that totally blew me away and I will never get enough of.

You can find yourself a copy here.

Each of these comics have really changed the way I thought about the medium and have me hooked with the seemingly limitless potential this style of storytelling has. What comics have you read recently?

-Well I will answer this question first. I don't read comic or graphic novels. I haven't even attempted it since I was a young teen trying to get into Archie comics. dun dun dunnn *horror scream* 

Thank you to Jeanette for this great list. My sis has Preacher I think. And thank you to all of y'all for stopping by. Until next time...Happy Reading!

Jeanette Andromeda is a blogger, youtuber and artist. You can join her adventures in exploring the medium of horror on her blog horrormade.com and chat with her on twitter or facebook.

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