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I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghost - WRI Fright Fest 2015 Review: The Spookshow by Tim McGregor

by Tim McGregor
Perdido Pub, December 2014
Rating: 3 stars (3.2)

Life used to be normal for Billie Culpepper. Drab even. That all that changed after an accident left her in a coma for three days. That's when the spookshow really began, when Billie realized that she could see the dead.

And the dead could see her. 

Now, they won't leave her alone. 

Accompanying two friends through a haunted house, Billie uncovers a terrible secret that brings, not only the police, but the homicide detective responsible for putting her into the hospital in the first place. He's also the one man she sworn to stay away from.

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My Review:
I was surprised once again. Billie is able to see the dead and they can see her. They talk to her wanting to tell their story. They are even able to touch her. When she goes to an haunted house with two of her friends something insidious attaches itself to one of them. She didn't like not having anyone believe her but this wasn't the way she wanted anyone to become a believer.

Billie is a likable character. I didn't like how she blame herself for the situation but I can dismiss it since she was probably caught up in the moment. Tammy was okay but again blaming Billie was irrational. I really don't get what was really up with Jen. Kaitlin was selfish as hell. I mean, you see your friend uncomfortable but your morbid curiosity pressure her to keep going and then turn around and blame her too. Definitively wasn't feeling that chick. 

The Spookshow is a quick read. It ends in a cliffhanger but that quite alright with me. I know right...y'all know how I feel about cliffhangers. It is not I can't sleep do not turn off the light scary but it does have a creep factor. It has been on my tbr for a little bit. If it is on yours I suggest that you get to reading as I am starting book two asap. It's a campfire read for sure.

About the Author
Tim McGregor is a screenwriter and author, living in Toronto with his wife and children. When not writing, Tim can be found chasing away the nocturnal recycling people who creep into his yard.

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