Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blog Tour: The Path by Peter Riva

Book Details:

Book Title:  The Path:  Tag Series #1 by Peter Riva
Category:  Adult fiction, 224 pages
Genre:  Sci-fi / Cyberpunk
Publisher:  Yucca / Skyhorse
Release date:  January 20, 2015
Available for review in:  Print, ebook (PDF), audiobook (Audible)
Will send print books:  Internationally
Tour dates:  Oct 12 to Nov 6, 2015
Content Rating:  PG

Book Description:  

All life on earth is about to be terminated by an entity as old as the galaxy itself. To make matters worse, Simon has broken everything already.

In a future world that is run by computer systems and that is without want, how can a man find his role? Then, if the very computers he works on to try to make them more human suddenly try to kill him, revealing a secret so vast that it affects every living soul on the planet, can that man be a hero?

These are the questions that face the stumbling, comic, and certainly flawed Simon Bank. His job is to work with the System’s artificial intelligence, making it fit more perfectly into human society so that it can keep the country running smoothly. But when the System threatens the peaceful world he knows, Simon suddenly must rush to save his own life, as well as the life of everyone on earth. Forced to reassess everything that he thought he knew, he is caught within circumstances way beyond his control.

Simon’s only hope is to rely on intellect and instincts he didn’t know he had, and on new friends, not all of them human, to change himself and all humanity. And he doesn’t have much time.

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My Review
This starts slow. It is because this New Way of life is being explaned to us. Basically, everything had become perfect. A.I. controls everything. The weather is whatever you want it to be. There's enough food for everyone. You work the hours you want. The list goes on and on. Of course, things never stay perfect and that is when the story picks up pace. This will appeal to sci-fi fans as we,, as those you like dystopia. 

About the Author
Peter Riva has worked for more than thirty years with the leaders in aerospace and space exploration. His daytime job for more than forty years has been as a literary agent. He resides in New York City.

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