Monday, March 28, 2016

Movie Monday: The Best Man Holiday

I like reading posts on other book bloggers sites that aren't always related to books. So I started thinking about what non book related thinks I would like to post. Movie Monday should be interesting since I like random things. You see mostly older movies but maybe you'll find something new to watch.

The Best Man Holiday

Nearly 15 years after they were last together as a group, college friends Lance (Morris Chestnut), Harper (Taye Diggs), Candace (Regina Hall), Quentin (Terrence Howard), Robyn (Sanaa Lathan), Jordan (Nia Long), Murch (Harold Perrineau), and Mia (Monica Calhoun) finally reunite over the Christmas holidays. Though much has changed in their lives, the friends discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and passionate romances to be reignited.

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It took damn near 15 years to get a sequel to this movie. At least everyone showed up. Lance and Mia are still married. She has been trying to get them together for years. Finally, they all come together for the Christmas. There is a fragile pregnancy. An vindictive ex who realizes she f-ed up. An interracial relationship. One of the group may have been a prostitute.

The focus is still Harper and Lance. They haven't spoken since the wedding. The only reason they have all gotten together is Mia but also because Lance agreed to it. The reason he agreed is revealed during the movie and it is a sad one. If you are a fan of the first one get ready for the water works. I'm not to cry at movies (though I have found myself more prone to it the older I get) but I was in the theater with tears running during this one. Things finally get resolved with everyone. Of course, they hint at another movie but who in the hell knows how long it will take them to do it.

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