Thursday, March 10, 2016

WRI Reviews: Ellyphant by Marie Cole


Ellyphant by Marie Cole
Pages: 125
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Amazon
Format: mobi
Rating: ☆ ☆ 

From Goodreads:
The year is 1999 and Elly Palmer and Kent Lytle are embarking on their senior year of high school. Unknown to them, their lives are about to change forever when a stranger comes into town riding in her candy apple red Audi Cabriolet.

Jen Derby wants one thing. Kent. And no one is going to stand in her way, not even overweight Elly Palmer, or Elly-phant as the clever Senior boys call her. When winning Kent's complete attention isn't as easy as she thought it would be, Jen fights back with a vengeance.

Elly knew Jen didn't like her, no matter how many poison-laced smiles she threw her way. Elly also knew that Jen wasn't good enough for Kent. No girl was, or ever would be, but Elly had hoped that Kent would see past Jen's blinding beauty and pick her.

Would friendship trump lust? How long would it be before Kent saw Jen for who she really was?

Read the beginning of the story in this high school novella.

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My Review
I wasn't much of a fan of this. The characters felt younger than high school seniors. I know that it is hard to know if the person you are crushing on is also crushing on you. I know it can be even harder to figure those feelings out when said crush is also your best friend.

With that being said, at some point you have to just make the feelings known instead of driving yourself crazy trying to analyze every move the person makes. That is what both characters do in this. They constantly in this tug of war of emotions within themselves. Each thinking they know how the other thinks about them. I don't know it just left me feeling like...meh.

About the Author
Marie Cole is an Amazon bestselling author in the US, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the UK. She resides in Georgia with her veteran husband, two beautiful daughters, and her two lazy cats.

When she isn’t writing, or doing all of the other things that go along with being an indie-writer, she is playing with her daughters, being a perfect (ha) housewife, or catching up on her favorite TV shows (of which she is extremely behind).

If you’d like to email her she loves receiving email and you can do so at

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