Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby-sitters Little Sister #21: Karen's New Teacher by Ann M. Martin

Baby-sitters Little Sister #21: Karen's New Teacher by Ann M. Martin

Paperback pgs. 103

Rating: 4stars


From back of book:

The meanest teacher ever
Karen loves her second-grade teacher. Ms. Colman never yells, and she makes school interesting. Karen's class is learning about math by making pizzas!

But now there's bad news. Karen and her friends are getting a substitute teacher. Mrs. Hoffman has lots of rules, like NO TALKING. She even makes Karen clean the sink.

Please come back, Ms. Colman

My Review:

Karen has a very close attachment to her teacher so when Ms. Coleman announce that she will be out for a month she is gigundo (her favorite word) upset. She doesn't like the first substitute because she treated them like little kids by doing things like reading from a picture book. She doesn't like the second substitute because she had way to many rule, especially no talking.

Mrs. Hoffman was indeed a strict teacher that most kids would hate. I find that I really kike the Little Sister series. Karen is a little girl who speaks her mind. I feel that she is written older than the seven year old she is suppose to be but so far each story has something that I remember I would have related to at that age. For this book it would be the favorite teacher mine at the age range was Ms. Clayton.


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