Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby-sitters Little Sister #59: Karen's Leprechaun

Baby-sitters Little Sister #59: Karen's Leprechaun by Ann M. Martin

Paperback pgs.93

rating: 2stars


From back of book:

Karen and Andrew are going to be in the St. Patrick's Day parade. The parade director is a funny little man dressed all in green. He tells Karen he is a leprechaun.Karen is not sure if she should believe the leprechaun. But Karen loves his tales about rainbows and pots of gold. Could the leprechaun stories be big trouble for Karen?

My Review:

Karen and her brother Andrew were asked to be in the Stoneybrook St. Patrick's Day parade by the eledrly couple down the street. On their way home they spot a dog on their front stoop. After looking for the dog owner they end up keeping the dog (with their parent's permission) but their other pets don't get along the dog, Lucky. At the end Karen finds Lucky and home.

What I didn't like about the book? At one point they thought someone was breaking in. Karen's mom and stepfather told them to stay in the bedroom. Of course Karen thinks she can come to the rescue. The parents did not address the fact that she disobey what they told her and that if it had of been a real burlger she could've made things worse. I would have liked that addressed. I also didn't like that Mr. O'Casey apologize about telling her he was a leprechaun. He is an adult, her going off on her own is another act of disobeying whether she believed he was a real leprechaun or not. The last was that O'Casey ending up seeming a little creepy with the letters.


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