Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby-sitters Little Sister #9: Karen's Sleepover by Ann M. Martin

Baby-sitters Little Sister #9: Karen's Sleepover by Ann M. Martin
Paperback pgs 102
rating: 3stars

From back of book:
Karen's having her first sleepover ever! She and her friends are going to tell spooky stories, try on makeup, and raid the refrigerator.

But then Karen and Nancy get into a big fight. Karen doesn't want Nancy to come to her party. A new girl comes instead, and she is no fun! What will Karen do now?

My Review:
This is about Kristy little stepsister Karen. Karen is a smart seven year old who's a little too smart for her own good. She decides that she wants to have a sleepover and after her dad and stepmom ok she invites all the girls in her class to it. Then she gets into an argument one of her best friends and it just so happen a new girl enters the class named Pamela. Pamela is way too grown for her age and it soon becomes apparent that she shouldn't have been invited to the party. Good story about friendship and also about how people are not what you think they are by just looking at them.

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