Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just Too Good to Be True by E. Lynn Harris

Just Too Good to Be True by E. Lynn Harris
narrators: Adenrele Ojo, Bahni Turpin, Mirron Willis
8cds 10hrs
rating: 3stars

From back of book:

Harris serves up a treat that will capture and enchant audiences everywhere—a big, bold, and irresistible novel about football, family, and secrets.

Brady Bledsoe and his mother, Carmyn, have a strong relationship. A single mother, faithful churchgoer, and the owner of several successful Atlanta beauty salons, Carmyn has devoted herself to her son and his dream of becoming a professional football player. Brady has always followed her lead, including becoming a member of the church’s "Celibacy Circle." Now in his senior year at college, the smart, and very handsome, Brady is a lead contender for the Heisman Trophy and a spot in the NFL.

As sports agents hover around Brady, Barrett, a beautiful and charming cheerleader, sets her mind on tempting the celibate Brady and getting a piece of his multimillion-dollar future—but is that all she wants from him, and is she acting alone?

Carmyn is determined to protect her son. She’s also determined to protect the secret she’s kept from Brady his whole life. As things heat up on campus and Carmyn and Brady’s idyllic relationship starts to crumble, mother and son begin to wonder about the other—are you just too good to be true?

A sweeping novel about mothers and sons, football and beauty shops, secrets and lies, JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE has all the ingredients that have made E. Lynn Harris a bestselling author: family, friendship, faith, and love.

My Review:
First I must say that the first person to start the narration for this voice made me cringe. I did not like her voice at all.

This story is about a college football player who mother brings him up with Christian values. He took an oath to save himself until marriage but breaks it after he falls in love. When a cheerleader with her own motives set her eyes on him Brady world is turned upside down. He finds out that everyone he thought he could trust has told him lies. He becomes lost. The is a book about how lies will eventually expose themselves. It is also about forgiveness and how your actions affect yourself and others.

*was lost on the name Brady (Tom Brady) Bledsoe (Drew Bledsoe)...not sure if this is where Harris got the name from but these two players are known to be/been the best in football and the character is suppose to be best of the college football team he plays for.

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