Monday, May 16, 2011

Payback With Ya Life by Wahida Clark

Payback With Ya Life by Wahida Clark
Tradeback pgs.302

From back of book:
She lost her integrity, her best friend…and nearly wound up dead. Now Shan is making her move, far away from Memphis’s mean streets, to wipe the slate clean and start over. But she can’t hold back what she’s feeling for Briggen, a wealthy drug dealer who want her to be his one and only for life. Her brother, Peanut, can’t afford to lose her – or the one shot he has at getting back on top of the drug game. And the ruthless convict who tricked Shan into loving him is out of lockdown…and out to settle lethal scores with her and Peanut. Now, with everything at stake and a vicious turf war taking no prisoners, Shan must put it all on the line to save her future - or die trying.

My Reviews:

This was a good book but it did not hold my attention for long periods of time. Usually I can read these books in 2 to 3 days it took over a week for this one. There was a lot going on. Fans of urban fiction will like this as it gives you all that you've come to expected from these types of books. Clark touched on just about every subject in this book. Miscarrages, infidelty, drug dealing, prison, murder, name it, it's in here. TBR list#3 *if you are not an urban lit fan this is NOT for you

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