Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Monday! What Are Yu Reading? 05/30/2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly meme hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey.

Books I finished last week:

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown - Great mystery & suspense story. Has a subplot of romance. Keep me interested to the very end.

The Baby-sitters Club #2: Claudia and The Phantom Caller - Claudia and friends receive calls where the caller hangs up without saying anything. It just so happen that there is a robber who is doing the same thing. Are the calls they are receive from the Phantom Caller?

Baby-sitters Little Sister #9: Karen's Sleepover - Karen has a sleepover but a too-grown-for-her-own-good classmate is ruining the fun. On top of that Karen had a fight with her best friend. Will she make up with her bestie? fav line from this story: "we are not best friends, we are best enemies."

Books I'm reading this week:
The Baby-sitters Club #1: Kristy's Great Idea - When Kristy Thomas has the great idea to form a baby-sitters club-a chance to earn money and spend time with her friends all while doing something they each love to do-she has no idea how much the club will change everything.

Crank calls, uncomfortable toddlers, wild pets, untruthful clients ...running a business is hard work! Kristy and her co-founders , Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey, are sure they can handle anything. But only if they stick together...

Baby-sitters Little Sister #21: Karen's New Teacher - Karen loves her second-grade teacher. Ms. Colman never yells, and she makes school interesting. Karen's class is learning about math by making pizzas!

But now there's bad news. Karen and her friends are getting a substitute teacher. Mrs. Hoffman has lots of rules, like NO TALKING. She even makes Karen clean the sink.

Pleas come back, Ms. Coleman!

Baby-sitters Little Sister #5: Karen's Leprechaun - Karen and Andrew are going to be inn the St, Patrick's Day parad3\e, The parade directr is a gunny little man dressed all in green. He tell Karen he is a leprechaun.

Karen is not sure if she shold believe the leprechaun. But Karen loves his tales about rainbows and pots of gold. could the leprechaun stories be big trouble for Karen?

The Baby-sitters Club #39: Poor Mallory! - There's some bad news in the Pike family: Mallory's chlad has just lost his job. And since money is going to be tight until Mr. Pike finds a new job, all eight of the Pike kids decide to help out.

Nicky gets a paper route, Vanessa tries selling her poetry, and Mallory takes a baby-sitting job in Kristy's ritzy neighborhood. But being around the Delaneys only makes Mallory feel poor. They have a cat that cost $400 and tennis courts in their backyard!

Poor Mallory-she needs the Baby-sitters now more than ever!

It's my birthday so I'm not sure how much reading I will get done today but this is the plan thus far.


  1. I have not read Sandra Brown in a while but just picked up a book of hers at BEA!

  2. No idea why that top comment double posted... I wanted to let you know that you were not linked to the main meme page but I have linked you now so others can come see your post :)

  3. Hi!
    Happy birthday! Enjoy your books. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. I've never read any of the Babysitter Club books. This coming week is my last week off before summer session. I have a few books I want to finish before school begins. Come see what they are.

  5. Thank you Sheila and my comments just automatically doubles I can't figure out why.