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WRI Afternoon Delight Reviews: All I Want by Renna Peak

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All I Want by Renna Peaks
Pages: 164
Publisher: Author Published
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Rating: ☆☆

For two years, Sidney Miller ran from life, working one menial job after another to keep herself so busy she would never have to think or feel—or remember the tragedies she’s faced. Her careful plans are abruptly changed when she meets Gavin at the temporary job she’s taken to keep herself busy through the holidays. 

Gavin Rogers is only in San Francisco to help his brother’s struggling law firm. With no time—or desire—for relationships, his world is turned upside down when he finds something in his heart for a woman he’s sure he could never be interested in. 

Recommended for adults only. Steamy scenes and coarse language. 

This is the first part of three-part series and ENDS WITH A CLIFFHANGER.

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My Review

Sidney has made herself into a workaholic after experiencing a tragedy. Gavin is a playboy who doesn't want to get into a serious relationship. I know that this is part one but it still should have stood on its own a little. There wasn't much that happen in the story. The novel is mostly about the two characters meeting each other. 

Sidney thinks that Gavin is the playboy that he is but she also thinks of herself as out of his league. Gavin issue is that he doesn't know what to make of her. His assume she's gold digger at one point. Then irrationally get mad when he thinks she has a child. Calling her a lair because "all women are liars." And that is the story. 

There is a revelation at the end for Gavin but for the reader, I don't think we learn much about the characters. We never find out what happen to Gavin to make him such a jerk. The two do hookup for a night but I still didn't get my romance fill. It just came across as a bland story.

About the Author
Renna Peak lives in the great northwest with her husband and four amazing children. She enjoys writing new adult and contemporary romances with suspenseful twists.

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