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WRI Presents an Afternoon Delight Review: Make My Wish Come True by Jade Cooper

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Make My Wish Come True by Jade Cooper
Pages: 23
Publisher: Author Self Published
Source: Amazn
Format: mobi
Rating: ☆ 


** This book contains strong sexual content and is intended for mature audiences only** 

It’s Christmas Eve and Livy’s hoping for a little Christmas Magic. She makes her wish and goes to bed alone. But Christmas morning may be a long way off. It just so happens that someone else is wishing for the same thing. There’s a blizzard outside but inside Quinn McGrath’s Irish Manor, the fire is roaring. Together, their wish has been heard.

What happens next is nothing short of naughty magic with all the trimmings of a warm and fuzzy romance. It’s not every year that Christmas magic lands Livy in the bed of a hot Celt who wants nothing more than to dominate her into sexual bliss.

This book contains graphic sexual scenes and is intended for adult audiences only


My Review
I didn't care to much for this one. Talk about insta-love. The plot was just to implausible for me. I mean really, you prayed for the love of your life and just like that pouf in your bed. Nah. I'm not saying prayer doesn't work but since when after Jesus left the cross has it worked like that? Both characters had unrealistic reactions to this divine miracle. Who wouldn't be happy for a miracle but who wouldn't also be shocked that the miracle happened? The sex scene was steamy so it had that going for it. I also didn't care for Quinn's personality. This just wasn't the read for me. If you are into alpha males and a pining woman then give this a shot otherwise you've been warned. 

About the Author
In 2007, I wrote my first story on a fan fiction website and have been hooked ever since.

I love all things vampire, werewolf, wizard and warlock.

As a Chicago native, I have had the opportunity to meet people who thought that they were one or all of these things.

I knew writing was for me when I was taking a floral design class on Michigan Avenue and was chased by a sweaty, rock-slinging crack head who was wearing a fur coat and Elmer Fudd hat in July. I saw this as a sign and decided to go back home and hide behind the sanctuary of my computer.

Please... have fun reading my stories. They're not to be taken too seriously. I just like to write and tell stories. I hope that you enjoy them.

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